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Billionaire Reveals Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Stocks – Cryptocurrency News


Billionaire Reveals Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Stocks

Here’s Why Bitcoin Is Safer Than Stock Market, Novogratz Explains.

With just 35 days left for the 2020 presidential elections, Michael Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, said being heavy in the stock market at this time is dangerous. Despite the greenback’s recent increase, Novogratz said he is more bullish on Bitcoin and gold and skeptical with the U.S. dollars ahead of the November event.

In an interview with CNN, Novogratz clarified that the stock rally the market witnessed in the past couple of months would shed steam soon. Pointing out that the highs in Tesla and Apple stocks have already been attained, it is now possible for the Nasdaq to trade lower, somewhere around 10,000 or another 11% down from the current levels, he added.

Novogratz explained that the primary outside factor for the large stock volatility is the forthcoming elections. The billionaire said that at some stage, it would be okay to buy stocks. But that’s not the case currently, which would depend on who would win the elections. He also said he thinks Democratic candidate Joe Biden would win but the market may not like it, mentioning some of Biden’s campaign claims. “If Biden wins, he’s raising taxes and he’s raising capital gains tax, most specifically. The market is not going to digest that well,” he highlighted.

Even though Bitcoin is said to be correlated with the stock market, Novogratz thinks the correlation will not last forever. “To illustrate, if the Nasdaq fell 5% today, bitcoin would probably be lower, not higher. But I think you are going to see those correlations break down,” he told CNBC.

He also briefly touched upon quantitative easing measures, including printing more money to reenergize the economy in the midst of the pandemic. “We don’t know what’s going to happen, the level of uncertainty around the dollar and inflation has to be significantly higher than any in our lifetime sales,” he said.

Gold and Bitcoin are often seen as hedges against inflation. Novogratz said he preferred Bitcoin because it’s still very much earlier in the adoption cycle. He mentioned that while he believes gold price will continue to rise, he expects Bitcoin to increase to $50,000 in the next two years.

Date: September 28, 2020

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